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Fanco Electronic, incorporated in 2009, has its headquarters located in Shenzhen. With 2 representations, one office in Hong Kong and another one in Chongqing.

Strong of 10 years’ experience, Fanco electronics has become a leader in the electronic component trading field. We have developed 3 principal activities, distribution of electronic components (TI, ST, NXP, Murata, etc.…), production of coil and, via professional partnerships, the development and the production of PCBA.

Fanco Electronic attaches a high importance to the satisfaction of our customers as well as to the quality of our products and our services. In this optic, we have implemented a strong quality management system (ISO 9001:2015), which helps to keep and guarantee a high-quality level.

This quality system can guarantee a traceability of each batch, from each component to each production parts.

During those years, we have developed a strong network of partnerships benefiting our customers in terms of both cost and delivery. Thanks to our experience and network, we are able to meet the demands of our customers at a competitive cost and in a reasonable lead-time.

Our customers operate in different fields such as new energy, rail electronics, automotive electronics, IOV (Internet system for Vehicles), electric power charger (for vehicles), battery management system, intelligent monitoring, intelligent transportation, home automation product, Industrial Controls system, medical equipment and so on.

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